Get rid of unsightly hair with wax at Sharon Rose Cosmetics

One of the bigger nuisances we face is body hair. Not only is it unsightly, but it’s annoying, and trying to shave all of your body hair on a regular basis is simply not realistic.

What is realistic is getting waxed on a less frequent basis than shaving. To keep your body hair in check, a visit to Sharon Rose Cosmetics every two weeks will suffice. It’s convenient, and it’s actually better for your skin than taking a razor blade to your skin is. We’ll take care of any unwanted leg hair, underarm hair, back hair, and offer brazilian bikini waxing as well.  

While we get rid of body hair, we also get rid of unruly facial hair. If you suffer from excessive upper lip hair, chin hair or unwanted side burns, we can be rid of that for you with our waxing services.

Take a look at the many wax services that Sharon Rose Cosmetics has to offer.

Eyebrow Sculpting –  $15.00
Lip Wax –  $10.00
Eyebrow Sculpting/Lip Wax –  $25.00
Chin Wax –  $10.00
Eyebrow Sculpting/Lip Wax/Chin Wax –  $35.00
Face Wax (eyebrows or lip not included) –  $35.00
Under Arm Wax –  $25.00
1/2 arm Wax (lower) –  $25.00
Modest Bikini Wax –  $25.00
High Cut Bikini Wax   $35.00
Bikini Wax (starting at $60)  $60.00
Lower Leg   $35.00
Full Leg  $75.00
Back Wax   $50.00

An important thing to note is that taking skin medications are contraindications for waxing. Please be sure inform us of the topical skin medications you take when we book your wax services. We also need to know if you have had any plastic surgery so that we can properly wax for the specific area.