Eyebrow Shaping And Eyelash Tinting At Sharon Rose

Oftentimes, many of us will find ourselves dissatisfied with the look of our eyebrows or eyelashes. It’s a shame when we spend the time on primping our hair and makeup, but still find ourselves not happy with our finished look. The culprit of an incomplete look tends to be your eyebrows.

When you’re someone that has very light colored eyebrows, or eyebrows that grow in choppy and have an unruly look to them, you have to make it look better. The best way to do this is with eyebrow tinting, and eyebrow shaping. While the upkeep must be frequent, it is certainly worth the efforts. This is especially true when you come to Sharon Rose Cosmetics.

Another nuisance many of face is too light, or too thin eyelashes. Your eyelashes help to make your eyes pop and have a sparkling look to them. With that in mind, Sharon Rose Cosmetics know’s just how important this aspect is to your overall look, so we proudly offer eyelash tinting as well.

Take a look at the many eyebrow and eyelash services that we have to offer.

Brow Tint $12.00
Lash Tint $30.00
Brow Sculpting $15.00
Brow Tweezing $15.00
Brow Sculpting with Brow Tint $27.00
Brow Sculpting with Lash Tint $45.00
Brow Sculpting with Brow & Lash Tint    $57.00

We also offer eyebrow tinting and eyelash tinting products as well.

Brow Wax

Brow Mascara

Indelible Gel Brow Filler

When you purchase any of these products, you get a first-time lesson included. If you’re interested in creating a dramatic effect to your look, please feel free to contact us for an appointment today.